I’ve enjoyed taking pictures ever since I can remember. I loved buying disposable cameras to bring on vacation when I was little, and the satisfying clicking noise it would make when another moment, scene, and memory was captured. Although the picture quality was horrible, I was super-impressed with what I could do.

I received my first digital camera for Christmas when I was 10 years old. The picture quality, once again, wasn’t amazing, but I absolutely loved it. It was replaced by another camera the next Christmas and I once again enjoyed clicking away.

I first became interested in the photography aspect of picture-taking in the spring and summer of 2009. I had been blogging for a few months on my main blog when I somehow came across the amazing I Heart Faces site. Never before had professional photographers seemed so “real” and their work so upclose. I hadn’t really realized that there were some seriously cool things I could do with my camera and how amazing it looked when done. I think that this website played a large role in my ambition to become a professional photographer some day.

It was, at any rate, mainly what inspired me to upgrade to a Canon Powershot SX100IS in August ’09.  It was a higher-end point-and-shoot with manual modes where I could practice adjusting shudder-speed and aperture. My photography talent improved so much over the year, and it was so cool to see the difference that even a few monthes could make.

July 2010, I finally upgraded to my first DSLR, the Canon Rebel T2i.  Within the past few monthes my photography has truly taken off.  I now shoot exclusively in manual mode love the freedom and flexibility it offers.  I recently received a second lens, the Canon 50mm f/1.4, and am in love. :)

I edit my photos mainly on Picnik.com – I site which I discovered about a year ago.  Currently, I'm looking forward to getting Photoshop CS5 sometime this year...Right now, I'm just waiting for The Lord to say "go".

Thank you for stopping by...It is my prayer that you may be blessed - and possibly inspired - by all that you see here.  Blessings!