Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goodbye, my Dears {for now, at least}

On my main blog, I've posted about our vacation to Virginia that my family and I are taking {you can about read it here}. I'll be leaving today for a blissful ten days in Williamsburg, at the beach, with my wonderful  family and our friends.  Ahh, I'm looking forward to this.

I shall be taking my laptop along, but most likely will not be using it much.  If I feel the urge (and I'm almost sure I will) I'll edit some of photos that I'll take while I'm there, and I shall probably be inclined to share some of my work with you:-)  If not, it simply means all the more photos for when I return;)

So, goodbye, my dears!  I shall hopefully be seeing you soon rather soon.  {You can also check for updates on my main blog, which I hope to give every once in a while during our trip.}

MuCh LoVe,


  1. Have lots of fun! Have never been to Williamsburg, which is hysterical because I go to Alexandria (in northern VA) every Saturday - I need to put Williamsburg on the "bucket list". :)

  2. Bye, Hannah! Have a good trip!

  3. Oh... have fun, Hannah!!! I'll look forward to some pictures. :)

    -- Love,
    Lindsay <3


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