Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Picnik Recipes :: Fun, Tasty Ways to Jazz up Your Photos!

You know how you can buy/download photoshop actions?  Actions are a combination of steps used to produce a certain effect for your photo, and (from what I understand, at least, haha...) they're easy to upload and apply through photoshop.

Sadly, dear Picnik doesn't have such an option.  It has it's own "effects" but I find them pretty limited...and some are just plain weird.  However, I've recently been experimenting with combining different effects to produce a unique, fun, and beautiful look for my photo...similar to what actions on photoshop might do.

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite "Recipes" with you.  Hopefully you'll be able to pick up a thing or two here....

{Note:  I'm trusting that, while you're doing this, you're pretty familiar with Picnik and know where almost everything is.  If you're having trouble finding something on the site, please let me know and I'll be sure to help you.  Remember that some of the things are under "edit" and others are under "create".}
The * mark specifies that premium effects are included in the recipes.

Let me know what you think, and if you tried any of these!  Once again, if you have a question, well, you know where to find me:-)

Love and Blessings,


  1. I <3 'em! Coincidentally, I came here just after editing a photo on picnick!
    How do you get the white below the picture? With "Polaroid"?

  2. You came up with some great edits in Picnik! The Vivid Sunlight and Chocolate Egg looks really great! And the photos you used are beautiful also!

  3. Sereina, thanks!

    Guin, I got the room below the pictures by using a premium collage, and just not adding pictures to the bottom portion:-)


  4. Picnik is my absolute favorite go-to for photo editing!

  5. Awesome idea, Hannah! I frequently do multiple steps in my editing, but I never thought to compare it to photoshop actions. I love the ones you came up with, especially chocolate egg! :D


  6. I love it! Right now all am able to us is Picnik so this is great!

    I just want you to know that in the last photo, the girls eyes are just Beautiful! So Blue!

  7. Oooo... these are great, Hannah!! I really like "Chocolate Egg" and "Vivid Sunlight." You did a great job on these... I may have to try your recipes! ;-)

    -- Much love,
    Lindsay <3

  8. Great idea; these look brilliant.

  9. I just tried them on Picnik, and I love them! Thanks for the Picnik "Actions".

    In Christ,

  10. These are awesome! I use picnik for all my editing and thought these are so helpful!! I'll definetely be using these. :) Thanks!

    -Kaylee OR

    P.S.-I'm a new follower!


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