Tuesday, September 21, 2010

something beautiful contest ~ change and reminder

UPDATE:  Rachel still hasn't posted the photos, but says she will tomorrow (hopefully).  I'm still getting questions as to what her blog address is.  The link is below.  I will notify all of you when she has them posted, don't worry.  Thank you.

I got a few questions yesterday about the end of the Something Beautiful Photography Contest that I'm helping to host.  I contacted Rachel, and she informed me that the contest is now running until the 22!  She says that she will post the photos (her favorite from each entry) sometime on the 22 or 23.  You can find her blog here.  No, I do not believe that there is an exact time the day ends.

From there, the judges (one of which is yours truly) will select the winners, which I presume will also be posted on Rachel's blog.  I'll inform you if I'm wrong.

If you haven't entered Something Beautiful, I'd so love it if you could join.  Just read the guidelines and give me your link on this post.  I'm sure you have four favorite flower photos lurking around somewhere - why not share 'em with us? And to those of you who have enter so far - I've been literally blown away!

Thankfully I had my laptop with me when it happened ;)

Love ya,
-Hannah M


  1. So pretty! love the selective focus!

  2. SO sorry my post was late, it's up now! please judge! :)


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