Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a vote, please?

The voting for this week's I Heart Faces challenge has begun!  And, I've a favor to ask of you - would you like to spare me your vote?  I'm link #76.  And if you're having trouble finding me, I'm on the very far right in my line.  You'll also see Megan's laughing face and the link to my blog - Hannah M.  Head to the direct link by clickin' here.

In my title, you'll notice I said please.  Now, honestly, how can you resist that?

And this too.
laughter is a gift.

No pressure or anything!  But you do realize Megan will love ya  forever, right?  Okay, so I can't really promise that.  Don't be deceived by her angelic expression above!
I just realized I need to take today's 365 picture, so I'm off.  Hugs!

with love,


  1. Will do! Please stop by my new photo blog - doing the 365 too :-)http://flowerphotography1.blogspot.com

  2. I voted! Megan looks so cute in that picture but she looks really grown-up too, like she's thirteen or fourteen.


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