Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Keeping Photos Safe while Downloading :-)

Yesterday, the dreaded happened.  I had about fourteen pictures on my camera's Memory Card that I was downloading.  I was in a hurry, trying to do it quickly.  I moved my photos to my "June" file, and deleted them off my memory card.  Then I went to my June file to get them, and realize that they're not there.  They weren't in my Recycling Bin either.  Nope, they were completely deleted of my computer.

How thankful I am that it was only about fourteen, fairly unimportant photos that I had lost!  I can't imagine what it would be like if some certain photos I have were completely deleted.  This incident has got me thinking, though, and I'm determined to be more careful in the future...I encourage you to do the same, too.

So here are just a few helpful reminders on how to safely download and delete your photos off of your camera's memory card.  I'm sure we're all pretty familiar with this, but if your pictures mean as much to you as mine do to me, you certainly want to be aware of these:-)

  1. Don't rush. I download photos from my camera A LOT (a few times a week, probably) so I sometimes *think* I can do it with my eyes closed.  I have to keep reminding myself to double check everything I do before and after I do it. 
  2. Check to see that your photos are safe before you delete them off of your memory card.  That right there would have saved me the other day.  When you're moving a lot of photos then it will probably take your computer a little while and a progress chart thingy will show up and let you know when your photos have been successfully moved.  But if not, there's really no way to know for sure if your photos are safe without looking, at least on my computer.  So do check. :-)
  3. Know where you're photos are going when you delete them.  Are they being moved the your Recycling Bin or deleted permanently off your computer?  Up until today, I didn't realize that when I deleted pictures from some files they didn't go to my Recycling Bin before being permanently deleted.  Yeeps! 
I'm really not sure why I'm writing this - I guess the loss of my photos had a rather traumatizing effect on
me:-)  And I doubt the fact that it's 11PM right now is helping, either....

More coming very, very soon, okay?  See my sidebar for details on upcoming posts!

Happy Clicking,


  1. I know how that is! When I transferred all my files from the main computer to my computer, I was paranoid that I'd lose them all.

  2. How terrible! Luckily nothing like that has ever happened to me... In fact, I think I need to lose some photos!


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