Friday, June 18, 2010

Rainin' Up a Storm

Last Tuesday it was storming and raining like crazy.  After downpour number three, I headed down to our garage to take some photos of the storm.
{My attempt to get a lightning shot - I got the cool cloud at least.  Ha!}

It started downpouring.  Again.
And our gutter was having a field day.

 I love these photos. =)

After the rain had died down, I braved the thunder and came out of the garage to photograph our beautiful hanging flower plants with raindrops on them.  Ohhhhh, love these!
{Taken of the our window from the inside}

I've officially decided that I love rain photos.  A lot.


  1. These photos are amazing, and inspiring me to appreciate the rain as a photography opportunity. It rains a lot here--in fact, it is currently raining!--and as much as I love the smell I rarely think I can get any good photos from storms. This post has changed that, definitely.

  2. Wow, really cool pictures!

  3. Cool shots! My favourite is the second one and the wet flowers :)

  4. I LOVE those pictures. So beautiful!

  5. The pictures of the rain are wonderful. You're doing a superb job with your photography, Hannah!


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