Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Heart Faces :: Teens Only

This week, I Heart Faces is having a Teens-Only photo challenge.
For me, it's not much different than usually, except for the fact that all of the other entries are from teens as well.
It was super-hard to decide what to enter this week, as there's no actual theme and I have so many favorite face photos!
I thought and dug and thought some more and finally decided on this...

I'm still trying to decide if it was the right decision:-)

I'm so excited to see all of the fabulous teen entries this week!
I want to view every single one.
You can head right here to see for yourself!

Love and Blessings,


  1. WOW! I love that picture... hes a cutie!

    I am also a teen, that loves photography!

    I would really love for you to visit my photography blog and tell me what you think. http://photographybyashleyjean.blogspot.com/

    Well I would really like to stay in touch with you! Have an amazing day!

    Ashley Jean

  2. How adorable! He's such a cute guy :)

  3. Ahh!! What a cute picture! A teen only challenge sounds like a lot of fun. :-)


  4. Chocolate ice cream face! LOVE it : )


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