Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Please Don't Splash my Camera...

As promised, some more pool pictures from last weekend.
(Coming very late, of course.  Those of you who read my main blog would freak out if they were on time any way, so why not?)

I'm just wondering, does any one else get as worried as I do that a rambunctious, in-the-moment sibling is going to splash and completely break your camera?  Like beyond-repair break your camera?

Not that I wouldn't mind them having to pay me back for it, but the problem is, Stephen simply doesn't have the money to buy a new camera for me.  I hate to repeat myself, but that's a {big} problem.

To prevent this, I have to stay far away from the action and use my not-so-great zoom to try to capture moments like these...

And then these....
{trying out my new watermark here.  Like it?}

I *do* love taking pictures at the pool though.  And most importantly, my camera is still alive and able to prove it. :)  Ahh, life is good.


  1. I agree! Water/Pool photography is beautiful and fun to take! I actually do the opposite of you. I will get in the water with my camera. Really I get my camera wet all the time. I don't get it soaked because it is not waterproof.
    My little brother loves to splash and i love getting low to get good splash pictures. Well it does get just a little too wet but soon dries and I get right back to the (splish splash) pictures!

  2. AWESOME pictures!!! It would be so great to dive in right now. Where I live, it's 96 degrees!!!

  3. Ahhhh--the water looks so tempting! Maybe I'll ask my mom to go to the pool tomorrow. :)

    Cute pictures! And I love your new watermark. :)


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