Monday, August 30, 2010

big photo challenge :: is combining cheating?

I'm taking a break from I Heart Faces this week (wasn't really on the ball, I'm quite under the weather right now) but I decided to join the Big Photo Challenge at Adorible Photography instead.  This week's theme is Black and White, and last week's theme (which is still open) was Signs. 

 You'll never guess what I decided to do.

Does one's mind work better when it one's head is aching horribly?
'Cause I feel extremely smart.

I really hope that I'm not breaking some unspoken rule about how you can't make one photo apply to two themes and use it in the same post.

Yes, that's what I did.  Take a look...

A lovely black and white sign.  I took this in on our trip to Williamsburg.  I wish I could have gone in here - doesn't it look just darling?  I love how vintage this looks.

So, now that I've just proved to you how smart I really am (wink, wink) pop on over to Adorible Photography to learn more about their lovely photo-challenges.  Just click below...

The Big Photo Challenge


  1. I love this shot, Hannah. Maybe that's because it's a camera shop... ;-)

  2. I love vintage, too. Awesome picture!

  3. Hahaha--what a coincidence! Very creative picture and I love how vintage it looks, too :).

    **P.S. Have you checked your g-mail lately? I haven't gotten a reply from you in 3 weeks :( I really hope we can keep in touch!**

  4. what a wonderful idea!!
    i dont think you broke any rules!! lol!!
    thanks for joining us this week(s)!! i would love to go in there too!!!

  5. Great composition! Looks like a fun store...the lampost next to it only adds to the lovely scene:)

  6. Colonial Williamsburg!!! Ooooh, I love it there. <3 Cute/wonderful photo of the sign.


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