Tuesday, August 31, 2010

wordless wednesday

I'm becoming well aquainted with these lovelies this week.

 I'm sure by next May we'll be getting on eachother's nerves mucho, but for now, I'm enjoy them a lot...

Wait, do pencils have nerves?  Never mind.

Do share your Wordless Wednesday photos at Hannah's and Alicia's today (just click)...

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire

{I've decided to start doing Wordless Wednesdays here on my photography blog from now on.  It just seemed more...fitting:-) }

Does anyone else here adore new school supplies?


  1. Love the picture of the notebooks! And I can absolutely agree! Except I've been doing school all summer. I'm enjoying them right now because of the back-to-school feeling. But eventually I'll want to throttle them. ;-)

  2. Fabulous pics for this week. Lovin those close ups. Thanks for linkin up.

  3. Nice photos! I love the angle on the first shot of the pencils.

  4. Ah, yes... there's nothing like a nice, sharpened Ticonderoga pencil. ;) Fun shots, Hannah!

  5. Good Luck with this school year!! your almost done!!
    well, not really cause then there's college.
    ignore my post

  6. I love these photos. You are really good.

    ~many blessings

  7. Ooh, I love the photos, Hannah! "Do pencils have nerves?" :)

    I can't believe I haven't followed your blog before now--you're a wonderful photographer! I am now following. :)

    Elizabeth Rose

  8. Oh my gosh, you're making me want to go back to school so badly. Fresh notebooks. New pencils. Yum....

  9. Some of my very favorite kinds of pictures, Hannah! Schoolbooks... pencils.... such completely delightful things!

  10. I love how your photos of ordinary objects look like art! :)

  11. love how detailed and focused these are! thanks for coming by and commenting. FOllow if you like!

  12. Love the picture!!! Awesome!

  13. The photos are gorgeous! I love the second one of the pencils--well done!

    Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you next week too. :-)

  14. Notebook photos are so fun! We're starting school next Tuesday...you're making me excited to get back! =)

  15. I love the second one but they are all great:)


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