Sunday, September 19, 2010

scavenger hunt sunday

I'm joining my lovely friend Ashley of Ramblings and Photos for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  It's super-duper-fun, dear friends. You should definitely head on over and check it out.  Like, really.


I'm sure Kirby wished he could reach up and play with Megan's birthday balloons.  But alas, it was all for nought:-)  I love this shot - look at those whiskers!


I love showers, mainly because of the exhilarating clean feeling one gets after taking one.  And I love our messy, wide selection of shampoos, too.  Although it's never fun when they all fall over on you.  Just sayin'.

I took this pretty literally...sorry if you're falling asleep or something.  The main reason I wasn't thinking outside the box here was because I wanted to try "the plate trick" that I had learned from Louise.  I'm loving the clean, undetectable background that the plate gives.  Yay!


My dirty, too-small, about-to-be-replaced pointe shoes.  I adore them.

I was looking around the house for something "square" to shoot, when my eyes fell on this.  A block on our whatever-you-call it.  Well, you know.  The thingy where you push the thingies on the thingies?  Never mind.

Which of these is your favorite?  I'd love to know!


  1. Beautiful shots! I especially love Kirby looking up at the balloons. He looks so wistful!

  2. I love the square picture, the colors are so bold. Your "pair" shot is cool too the B&W works nicely with it.

  3. All of them are really great, but I think my favorites are the first and last ones :)


  4. Awsome pictures! The ballet slippers are amazing! Thanks for sharing... have a great week:)

  5. All of these shots are great but now I'm curious about the plate trick. Do tell!

  6. I love your shot of Kirby! I love kitty cats.

  7. I love the point shoes! And even if the currency was a literal shot, it still ended up beautifully! Great job!

  8. OOH! Awesome shots! My favorites are the cat - the whiskers are AMAZING...and the square shot is awesome! Perfect composition and I love the color! :-)

  9. Love Love Love the pointe shoes...I have a pair tattooed on my ankle they never get old or worn!! Great job on the rest of them as well but the shoes are so close to my heart!!

  10. The pics of Kirby and of the ballet shoes are my favorites!! I keep promising myself that I will join Ashley's Scavenger Hunt one of these days... *sigh*

  11. The last one is my favourite :) But I love the ballet slippers too!

  12. The kitty's expression is priceless! My boys loved those square thingies too!

  13. My favorite is definitely the last one. I love the colors. I think it would be a wee bit better though if the square was sharper.

    I had to go find out about the plate trick. What a great idea! Thanks for mentioning it. I'll have to try it.

  14. They're all fantastic! I love the color in the square photo, but I think the cat photo is my favorite. I can see Kirby wishing for a balloon!


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