Tuesday, September 7, 2010

something beautiful - moi's entry

You'll remember from my last post that I'm helping to host the Something Beautiful photography contest held at the Bloom! Staff Blog.  You can read about it more and link up at my blog here.  Right now I'm linking up at Rachel's blog (another gal hosting) and posting my own entries for the contest. 

Flowers.  Ahhh, love these...

editing: just a slight boost in exposure, contrast, temp, etc.
editing: cropped, boosted in exposure, contrast, etc.
editing:  once again, just raises in coloring and contrast
editing: more basic adjustments, as well as my vivid sunlight recipe.

What do you think?
Which is your favorite?

And now - do come join the fun!  Just read through the rules on my last post, post your four flower shots, and leave your link here!  I'd love to have plenty of entries here on my blog for the Bloom! contest.  thanks so much ;)


  1. Nice! I like the last two the best - the color of the yellow flowers really "pops," and those butterflies are beautiful against the flowers. =)

  2. Oh, so pretty! I love the white rose.

  3. LOVE these!!! Wish I could enter, but haha, I started the contest, so I can't. :)

  4. Hello Hannah!

    For starters, let me just say, I have received comments before advertising this giveaway or that blog party... and it can be extremely irritating. So, you have every right to ignore this comment. *wink* But, I would like to politely inform you that Jo March over at Scraps From My Workbasket is doing a TON of giveaways, blog parties, etc., starting October first, on her blog. And, if you are interested (and if you follow her before October 1st!) you will get an extra entry into all the contests and giveaways that are going on. So please check it out! Here is the link: http://scrapsfrommyworkbasket.blogspot.com/2010/09/let-party-begin.html. And if you decide to look into it, please let her know that Elizabeth Rose from Living on Literary Lane sent you. Thank you so much!

    Elizabeth Rose

  5. All of the shots are lovely, but I love the white flower the best! :)

  6. Is this a contest? If so do I give you a link?
    If so here are some photos I took a while ago.


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