Thursday, November 11, 2010

Before&After | Soccer

I'm using this as a little sneak-peek opportunity for a shoot I did during my brother's soccer game a few weeks ago. Something I learned here was how annoyingly hard it is to get an image like this completely in focus, and I nailed it here.  Oh, and #13 (whoever he is) is a pretty awesome. Just sayin'.

soccer SOOC

Canon Rebel T2i |  1/250 | f/8.0 | 135 mm | ISO 200

And my edit, on using premium elements...

soccer edit
I forget exactly what I did here, but I know everything was pretty basic - cropped, brought up exposure/contrast, perhaps done some things with curves...but that's pretty much it.

More Before&Afters today at Pixel Perfect - Just click.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Love your edit! What a great crop, it really increases the visual impact of your image. :)

  2. great crop! what a fun action shot- something to remember forever :)

  3. Perfect crop - it did the photo look much more interesting - great capture!

  4. The crop did so much for the photo. Nice job.

  5. This is a great example of how a good crop can totally make the picture! Great job!!!

  6. wow that's awesome!!! I love picnik! I got photoshop now and i'm glad i got it for free cuz i have nooooo idea how to use it :)

  7. Very nice, the crop really brought the focus to the subject of the photo.

  8. This is a great shot - before and after, awesome job from a fellow soccer fan!

  9. Great job, Hannah! And, such a fun capture.

  10. Wow, love the edit! #13 needs to come give my friend's team some lessons... lol.

    Like the new header! Hope you didn't change it because of me... I got the blog up and running! Here's the link:

  11. Great shot! The crop makes a huge difference!

  12. I totally think it needed to be cropped to see the awesomeness!


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