Saturday, November 13, 2010

soccer adventures

As I mentioned Thursday, I had the opportunity photograph a bit of my brother's soccer game a few weeks ago (he's the player with the yellow shoes in case you're wondering). Actually, my mom volunteered me to help out with taking action shots for a slide show that (apparently) will be played at an end-of-season something-or-other.  (In case you haven't noticed, I'm not really involved in CJ's soccer;)  But, I had a lot of fun and am rather pleased with the result:)



A few things I learned during the shoot?

a | I need a telephoto lens - bad.  135mm ain't gonna cut it.  (Any donors will be loved and adored by me until their very last day.)

b | It is extremely hard to get a good action shot without the subject being partially blurry (in a bad way, that it).  Gah.


and c | I might possibly be color blind when behind a lens.

Why do I say that?  Well, you see, our team is blue.  The opposing team is green.  But?  Looking back, I seem to have a lot of photos focused on players in green.  Like these....



Whoops.  Not a blue player in focus.  Um, my bad!  But green is a pretty color, don't you think? ;)



With all that I've learned in mind, I'm hoping to make it to another game before the season ends so that I can practice shooting them a bit more.  As I proved in Thursday's post, there are some seriously awesome soccer players on that team. ;)  (Translation:  Everyone on the team is a heck of a lot better at soccer than yours truly.  Which, sadly, isn't too much of a complement.)

Oh, and I had to throw these few shots in as well...


Some supportive siblings paying zero attention to the game and playing...was it Polly Pockets?  I forget.


I am led to think that this little friend of mine was inspired by my taking pictures.  At any rate, he got out his mom's cell phone and decided to take a few action shots of his own.  Look at him go!


And, Stephen.  His signature move whenever I point the camera at him.  I guess he's using the if-I-can't-see-you-your-camera-can't-see-me approach.  Or something like that.
Have a lovely weekend everyone...and let me know what you think of these:)



  1. Action shots are hard to get, but you got some mighty good ones! I love the action in the third shot especially.

  2. Those are really good, Hannah! You are good at taking action shots. Also, I loved the one in the last post, it was so funny!


  3. I love the third picture! I've tried taking pictures at my friend's soccer games this year, but I didn't get very many good ones... They only have one more game left, so I'll probably try again.

  4. OoOoOoOohhhhh! Love the blog design :) So simple and classy!

    And what do you mean 'the 135mm won't cut it'? If THIS is not cutting it, can't WAIT to see what CUTTING it is!!!


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