Saturday, November 20, 2010

Emotion Photo Challenge | finalists

What a fun week it's been for me going through your beautiful "emotion" entries!  I enjoyed each and every one - you can view the lot here.  After going back and forth several times and thanks to the Starbucks drink I enjoyed this morning, I've finally decided on four finalists.

I'm just thankful I don't have to make a decision on a winner - that's up to all of you.  You probably saw the poll at the top of my blog; I would so appreciate your deciding on a favorite photo and voting.  The more the better!

Due to my delay in getting this up, the poll will be up until Tuesday, when I'll announce the winner.

By Haley J:
Dominican Republic, 2009
This photos speaks "emotion" to me on so many different levels.  First, in the sweet boy's faces - their expressions and (especially in the little fellow in his, um, underwear? Excuse me while I go die.) their love.  Then, I think about their living conditions - which you can see a little of behind them - and their life, and my heart just starts aching, full of emotion.

By Allie Photography:
Beautiful portrait!  Everything from the black and white to her slightly wind-blown hair...simply gorgeous.

By The Huchette Crew (in the poll, I put "Huchette and Crew", I feel dumb today.  I'm really sorry about that!):

This is such a sweet moment captured.  The love in this photo is so genuine and easy to see - I loved it for that.

By SJ:

Oh my, what a shot!  I love her expression, emotion, and the fact that you captured it.  Really well done!

Vote away, dears..and don't forget to comment on some of these lovely entries, too!



  1. Thank you for choosing one of my pictures!

  2. Ohh awesome, thanks so much! This made a bad day a little better! :)

  3. All of them are excellent! Great shots :)

    K xx

  4. I love those pictures! :)
    The reason I chose my picture, was I loved my sisters face in it, but I love these pictures. :)

  5. Wow. I missed the voting. Darn. That first picture grabbed my heart right off! It is awesome!!


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