Monday, November 1, 2010

the october 2010 photo hunt - my entries!

Y'all have heard me ramble and lament and muse and lament and ramble about the October Photo Hunt over the past few weeks, right?  Well - The end of the month is here and I'm happy to say that I've pulled through with all of my entries - yay! So, without further ado, hope you enjoy. ;)  This has been so much fun....

In Disguise
Yes.  This is me.  In diguise, you see.  I love how dramatic the B&W makes things look.

Pie.  'Nuff said.

Fall Colors
fall is here.
Oh my...I love this shot.

A Jack O’lantern

a Shot from the Ground
from the ground
My kitty...sleeping.  And our cozy, yummy, delicous blanket.  Don't look at me like that - blankets can be delicious and you know it. ;)

a Landscape
at the beach...

Ahh, loveliness.

a Fall Tradition

pumpkin carving love:)
Megan - helping to carve the pumpkin pictured above.  I realize the photo-quality isn't too great...but the face is precious to me.



I. Love. Goldfish.  sigh...


This is what Stephen generally does when I point the camera at him.  Little does he know how stinkin' cute it looks when he does that.  Ha.

Faces formed in Nature

Okay, I cheated.  Stop looking at me like that.  This was a difficult one for me - I honestly couldn't find any "faces formed in nature"...So, I decided to creatively make on of my own.  Using jewelry.  Interesting, I  know.

Tilt-Shift Photography
a first attempt

I really apologize, guys.  Time #3 this has appeared on my site - and all within the past few posts.  Never again;)

B&W with selective coloring

I'm not a huge fan of Black and White with selective coloring, but I think I did a rather interesting job with it here.


But you probably already knew that.

bokeh love

I happen to adore completely out-of-focus photos. <3
Best Photo taken October 23rd

A lovely rose from out front.

Something from the Kitchen
Another shot of the mousse I made the other day.  Note the little bit of it on the side of the bowl - hee!

Something Vintage
An old coffee grinder.  And a lovely blue background.  So, maybe more like retro.  Well, except for the coffee grinder.  Oh, never mind.

Something Creepy
At the end of the month I found myself left without anything truly creepy, so I decided to go with this.  It's another Jack O'Lantern shot, just when I was experimenting with larger shutter-speeds.  Does anyone think it's creepy, by chance?

Something Golden
Fall beauty.  Beautiful.

A Self-Portrait

This is my profile picture and flickr icon, so chances are you've already seen it before.  But, I like it.  And that's not something I often say when referring to a photo of myself.  Look at that reflection in my eyes that I was so happy about...

There are some simply fabulous photos over here, if you'd like to be impressed and perhaps drool a bit.  I'm off to go look at them right now...

Have an lovely day, everyone!  This is, actually, my second anniversary in the blogger world (aka, when I started my main blog).  So, it's a rather special day for moi. :)
More photos and things coming soon...



  1. great collection. loved a bunch of them! composition on selective color was great, and golden was perfect. nice job!

  2. These are great photos. I really the the composition of the fall colors and B&W selective coloring photos. Here are mine:

  3. I love them! My favorite was something golden. It's perfect!

  4. These are wonderful photos, Hannah! I love the something vintage and fall colors shots.

  5. These are all so beautiful - I really love the composition on your fall color shots as well. Great work!

  6. Nice work!

    Love fall colours, landscape, and best photo.

  7. Love them all. I adore your books even more so cause they look well read. I have that set too. Great self portrait.

  8. Your first shot is my favorite, but I adored all of your work. Great series!

  9. wow Hannah these pictures are all amazing :) happy anniversary btw :)

  10. Yeah! I am so happy to see that you have joined! I can't wait to see what your going to use for your one item.

  11. Wonderful phots, love that mask! Really great job on all of these.

  12. Great collection, love the vintage and the fall colors shot!
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  13. Beautiful work ! I love your first shot too ! :)

  14. Wow girl,
    You have been busy! Love your shots!

  15. i love your dining shot... so perfectly simple! great collection!

  16. i really like your tilt shot. great pictures!

  17. Hannah all of your shots are wonderful! I adore the fall colors shot, and something golden. Your self portrait is super too, and you are such a pretty young lady. ♥

  18. Hi Hannah! I came over here to return the comment you had left on my blog, and was happy to see another photo hunt participant! Honestly, all of your photos are just gorgeous. I really pick one... Even if I tried to list my faves, I'd just be listing all of them. I definitely foresee a LOT of your entries being chosen by the judges.

    And it's nice to know that I am not the only one who loves completely out of focus photos! I took so many bokeh photos just like yours, because I love experimenting with the color and size of the sparkles. I just didn't post any of them.

    Anyway, I am now your newest follower! I can't wait to see more of your photos. :)

  19. Love your in disguise photo! Very cool! Also, your dining shot rocks! Goldfish are my daughter's fav so you can always find them strewn around our house! :)

  20. I'm glad I'm not the only person who loves out-of-focus pictures!
    And I think I like what's IN the picture of the bowl better than the picture! Haha I' just kiddin'. ;)
    I LOVE your pictures!!! :)

  21. I'm so with you on loving that fall colors shot. Simply amazing!

  22. LOL! that's how we dine at our house! loved it. All your shots were terrific. I loved bokeh.

  23. Gorgeous photos! I adore your "in disguise" and your "fall colors" shots...oh my, so beautiful.


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