Sunday, October 31, 2010

scavenger hunt sunday

First of all, noticing anything different about Clicked and Captured?  Yep - I've given myself a little makeover.  My old design was just getting so...stuffy for me, and I needed to change things up a bit.  I'm now in one-column, have simplified the colors, and made a new header.  ...Your thoughts?  I'm rather liking it.

I'm doing another Scavenger Hunt Sunday over at Ramblings and Photos today.  Sadly, with the October Photo Hunt getting rapped up, I have to do a lot of looking in my archieves for this.  But, it all worked out...

1. my town
I was forced to get a little creative with this one.  This is Rome, Italy.  I (rather sadly) do not live there, is sort of "my town".  I love it to pieces, and ever since I visited last March with my dad I've wanted to go back - especially now that I have my DSLR camera and a lot more photography experience.  Sigh. This picture was taken from the top of the Vatican...*swoon*  I love it there.

2. something vintage
An old coffee grinder grandpa's, I think.  Our kitchen wall made a most amazing background. ;)

3. tilt-shift photography
a first attempt
Just bringing back the tilt-shift photo I'm using for the October Photo Hunt (I posted about it here).

4. dress-up

dressing up...

Okay, I had a bit of fun for this one.  Slapped on some make-up yesterday and proceeded in taking several less-than-flattering pictures of myself.  Some of them crack me up.  And others make me wonder how I had the nerve to post them here.  I scare myself sometimes.
5. chocolate

I made an this amazing Chocolate Almond Mousse last week.  Minus the almonds because Megan is allergic, but it was still surprisingly delicious.  And easy, too.  You should so try it - like, now.

Head on over to Ashley's for more Scavenger Hunting fun...

And have a loverly Halloween, everyone! 


  1. You look really cool in the "Dress Up" shots and I so love your "Something Vintage" photo. =)

  2. Hannah those are cool shots - especially the ones of yourself dressed up. I've just had my chocolate fix with coffee but I wouldn't mind trying a spoonful or three of that lovely looking icecream. Thanks for visiting me today :)

  3. Your vintage and tilt shift shots are wonderful! I love your one-column blog!

  4. Cute self portraits love the idea of the mask for dress up. Love all your shots, that rome one, amazing!

  5. You are looking fresh and lovely my dear! Great vintage shot and nice mask :)

  6. You have done an amazing job and I can't wait to check out your Photo Hunt items. I especially love the fun you had with dress up. And your vintage shot is so cool too. I'd love to go to Italy - that'd be awesome.

  7. Great shots! Love the dress-up ones, they made
    me look beautiful :-)

  8. I love your vintage and tilt shift! Great job.

  9. Great shots. I had the same idea for dress up. I even bought the mask. Sadly. I didn't follow through.I ended up using my puppers for my dress up.

  10. Oh, what a fun dress up collage! I love the old coffee grinder picture as well.

  11. Love your vintage and town shots...and you are just too cute :)

  12. Looks lovely! I love those pictures of you dressed up! ;)

  13. That coffee grinder shot is stunning as is your kitchen wall. Good for you for shooting some self-portraits ... awesome shots!

  14. I like the new one column, because now you can post REALLY big pictures! hehe. I love the picture of the caterpillar in the header! Beautiful. Also, does that soccer team really have to kick the ball up a hill in the game? Sounds awful. lol The something vintage picture turned out great! Can't wait to see all of your Photo Hunt entries.

  15. Great shots! I especially love the vintage grinder.

  16. Your dress up and vintage photos are great. Nice work.


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