Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bokeh makes my heart sing...

christmas bokeh.4
Really, it does.  Which is why when we put up our Christmas tree yesterday I was a wee bit giddy with all of the out-of-focus shots I'm getting.

Now, quick, someone, get me a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens so that I can have a subject in focus with big, lovely bokeh in the background.  F/4.5 doesn't do it, you see.  As I've already figured out.

And, someone, please cure my laziness so that I'll get around to making this little lovely contraption for super-cool shots.

But in the mean time?  I'm pretty happy with what I've got.  You see?
christmas bokeh.5

{linking this up to Iona's photo challenge: Decoration}


christmas bokeh.3

{linking this up to Hannah's photo challenge: Christmas.}
Aspire Photo Challenge

christmas bokeh.1

Sereina Charise Photography: Very Merry Christmas Link Up

{and linking this up to Sereina's Christmas blog hop: Christmas lights}

Do you prefer bokeh in the background of an photo or in a completely out-of-focus photo?  I can't decide because I love both so very much.  But do tell!

christmas bokeh.2

Note: As I'm about to write and explain on my main blog, I'll be out of town from the 8th-10th (North Carolina to visit some of my dad's family).  No Internet, as far as I know.  Then this weekend, I probably will not be able to do much online, either, seeing as I'm attending a wedding and Nutcracker dress rehearsal.  Yeek.

So, please be patient as I catch up with the blogging world soon enough. Photo Challenge finalists will still be announced on Saturday.  I'm in love with all of your entries, by the way.

See you soon!

Which of these is your favorite?



  1. I love the second shot, and how you the lights are in the shape of the tree.

    Glad you could link up! Oh, and have a great time in NC!

  2. I love both bokeh in the background and the completely out of focus ones! They both look awesome. I really want to try the bokeh in the background though....it's hard!

  3. Oh I know it! I feel so blessed to have gotten the nifty fifty when I first got my camera! Yes, it does get amazing bokeh! I loved your pictures!


  4. Lovely photos! Beautiful entry for the photo challenge. Remember to add a button to qualify! :)

    Have a great day!

  5. I like both so much, I can't decide. :) Thanks for linking up! ;)


  6. I've been seeing a lot of Christmas tree bokeh lately, but this is some of my absolute favorite!! Lovely shots! :)

  7. I LOVE those pictures! Very much! :)


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