Saturday, December 11, 2010

Warmth Photo Challenge | finalists

Totally loved all of your "warmth" photo challenge entries, guys.  I had the hardest time coming up with finalists - definitely wasn't easy.

In fact, it was really, really hard.

But, here's what I've came up with.  Like last time, remember to help me choose a winner out of my group of finalists by voting on the poll (above) about for your favorite entry.  Winner to be announced on Tuesday.

Oh, and remember to leave comment of congratulations for these lovely finalist photos:)  You're welcome to shout of favorites in my comment section, too.

By a good life, photos.

This is such a sweet photo - I am loving the doggy footies.  That, and the tones - both beautifully following the theme!  Loverly job.

 By Haley Q:
This displays "warmth" wonderfully for me - the sunflare, the tones, the leaf.  Gorgeous shot, Haley!

By JM PhotoArt:

There were many landscape-with-sunflare photos entered, and I immediately loved this one.  It's beautifully vivid, but then not overprocessed or anything.  Gorgeous photo!
By The Clip Cafe:

I had so much trouble choosing a last finalist, and finally picked this one.  It's so simple and lovely...made me feel all warm inside:)  Wonderfully captured!

So, vote away now, lovelies!  I can't wait to see what you decide on.



  1. Hey Hannah, I voted....:] just wanted to say too that i sent you an email on your blog email :]

  2. I love the sunflare on the second shot!

  3. This is really hard to choose what one! They're all amazing. Congrats to the finalists!

  4. I just voted. It is freezing here in snowy N.Idaho, so Clip Cafe's burning log warmed me right up!! hehe.

  5. I liked a good life, photos and JM photoart, they both are wonderfull!

    Great job guys and/or gals! I am amazed still at those great photos!

    (won't tell WHO I voted for though! ).

  6. Hey Friends :) Thanks for the sweet comments! I loved them all!!!


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