Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Warmth Photo Challenge | winner

The votes are in...Once again, thank y'all for pitching in and choosing a winner.  I truly loved all of the finalists (and all of the photos entered, for that matter!) so I'm eternally grateful to y'all for joining in on the fun.

This week's "Warmth" Photo Challenge winner is The Clip Cafe!

Congrats, dear!  I truly loved your photo - it displayed the theme wonderfully and definitely warmed us all up this week;)  And I needed it too - There's snow on the ground here in St. Louis and my coldblooded self is rather chilly...Actually, that was a big 'ole understatement.
(Buttons will be coming soon, for winners and finaists.  Once again, I'm super-sorry for the delay.)

Thank you all once again for joining in on the fun - I love being inspired by you through this.  New CC assignment coming this Sunday!  In the mean time, I've several photos to share with you soon. 

Stay tuned!



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