Tuesday, January 11, 2011

because i felt artistic...

Those of you who read my main blog know that I had the sudden inspiration to edit photos from and post about some things from our Virginia Beach vacation last summer.  While editing, I came across this certain lovely landscape.  (Below SOOC)
I liked it, although, obviously, it looked rather bland.  I uploaded it to Picnik and did this rather basic edit.
Nice, but it needed something...more.  It was then that, feeling a bit artistic and odd, I created a this set of edits, working off my original basic edit for the photo.  I had lots o fun messing around....

Here's my first one, using Cross-Process to a certain extent (I forget what).  Mmm, I love this Picnik effect.

For this, I brough the exposure down and contrast up.  Funky, I know.
This one consisted of bring the saturation down and the temperature about as high up as it could go.  It ended looking sort of old-photograph-ish.


I decided that I needed to revert back to something I knew well at this point.  Which brought me to a traditional black and white image.  I used my Picnik recipe consisting of using "Boost" after the inicial revert.  Because Boost with the strength to 30% (what I wanted) was blowing out some of the clouds up top, I used the eraser brush

I started this edit with the previous black and white and faded the Sepia about 30%.

So now I'm a bit curious...which is your favorite?

And am I the only one who goes on strange editing stints like this sometimes? ;)

hannah m.


  1. Love the 4th picture! (third edit) Very pretty capture.

  2. Love all the edits! I'm a cross-process junkie, so of course I really liked that one, but I also think the last one looked amazing.

  3. I like them all but my favorites are the 1st and cross-process ones. The 1st picture really brings out the background houses and boats. I like the colors in the cross-process one.


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