Sunday, January 23, 2011

project me :: recent favorites

A little behind on my weekly updates, I know.  Here are some favorite "me" shots from the past two weeks:

 taken jan 8.  This is the little handheld mirror by my nightstand.  Please ignore this gal's freakishly large hands...yeep.

saturday coffee love :)
taken jan 15th.  I love coffee in my pink mug.  Sigh. 

taken jan 16.  One of my favorite pairs of shoes. ;)
project me
taken jan 21.  I snapped all of these right before bed, just to explain my hair and shirt.  Ahem;)

taken jan 23.  Lately it's been snowing epicly for St. Louis and today I braved the frigid cold (read: 20 degree weather) to take some nature shots (to be shared shortly).  My boots were completely caked with snow when I went in.

I realize I've been kind of struggling with taking pictures for project me these past two weeks, and I want that to change.  I'm so tired of night coming and me thinking how I'd forgotten to take a picture of myself...and then grabbing my camera and snapping something I'm not proud of.  I owe it to myself and you guys to produce fresh, unique, beautiful shots for my project; otherwise it doesn't really amount to anything worthwhile, right?  So with that said, I'll be really, really trying this week.  And I'm excited.

Taken any selfies lately?

hannah m


  1. I try not to take pictures of myself...I'm the artist who despises art that is of me, ;-D.

    Love the creativity of #1!

    When will book love happen again?

  2. I loooove the blue shoes Hannah! I love seeing your pictures - you are so very pretty and you know how to pose for the camera! Hehe!

    God Bless,

  3. Twenty degrees! Oh my goodness, I wish it was that warm here. I think it might be getting up to that Tuesday. It's be in the negative 20's where I live. ;) Love the photos -- those blue shoes are darling!

  4. They all seem so creative! Good luck for this week.

  5. I have a guestion for you Hannah.
    What kind of Camera do you have?

  6. Ashley, since the linky is still open, not for another week, at least.

    Hannah, I know. I'm such a wimp when it comes to cold weather...I could never live up where you do;)

    shelby, you can see all my equiptment on the "in my camera bag" page.

  7. Great shots! They are all interesting and show something special :)

    K xx

  8. Hannah, you haven't taken/posted any of you for your challenge. :(


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